Dana Arroway

Full Stack Software Engineer

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About Dana

Dana Arroway

Even before their first job as a computer technician, Dana has been fascinated with incorporating technology to better the world around them. They achieved a dual bachelor's degree in a multidisciplinary honors program, balancing studies in computer science, logic, and writing with technical work in the IT department.

As they pursued a master’s degree in integrative medicine, Dana observed providers struggling to integrate technology into their procedures. They began working with software: first implementing, then modifying, and finally writing full-stack web applications to create smoother workflows and higher levels of accessibility.

Inspired by the collaborative efforts of their past projects, Dana sought opportunities with greater scale and impact. With more than 8 years experience programming elegant frontend solutions and optimizing backend algorithms, Dana applies their evolving skills and codebase to create full stack applications, components, and API’s.


Walker Equipment Repair, LLC Wood Saw Company, LLC EZ Drug Screens Project Tile


Thank you for contacting me! I enjoy collaborating with other software engineers, supporting my tech community, and hearing about job opportunities that match my expertise.

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